Themes Faqs

1) What is Theme?
Theme is a collection of photos of the same category, which establishes the overall background appearance.

2) Why Themes?
Themes allow you to choose preferred background image category for a new experience, inspiration, and breathtaking view every day.

3) How to work with Themes?

After selecting the desired theme, the background image will change and the 6 background images related to the theme that is being auto chosen.

4) What is ‘Photo Feed’?
Photo Feed’ provides an option to choose which photos you want to see as background images.
It allows to choose between Emerge’s enormous collection of photos and your uploaded/own/personal photos or a combination of both as background images.

5) What are default settings of ‘Photo Feed’?
‘Emerges Photo’ feed is selected by default. And ‘My Photos’ feed will be selected automatically once you start uploading your own photos.

6) How to change ‘Photo Feed’ options?