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Personalize Your New Tab

Every day Begins here! Transform your New Tab page into a focused, productive, and inspiring personalized all-in-one-page dashboard. Enhance your background with images from our gallery or unload your favorite ones from your camera. No matter if you’re interested in seeing something beautiful each day, accomplishing more as you browse, inspire at a quotation, laugh at a joke, seeing current weather or the world clock, there’s a little something for everyone


Set themes to create the ambiance that suits your mood.

All Photos

From old to new, ‘All Photos’ houses your entire visual story.

Assign Themes

Effortlessly categorize your data with theme assignments.


Share the wisdom you find in your favorite quotes.


Local Weather

Never get caught unprepared – stay tuned to local weather.

World Clock

Three time zones, one screen: simplify your global time management.


Setting priorities helps you focus on what truly matters.


Dark Mode

Switch to dark mode for a more comfortable night time experience.

Screen Adjustment

Achieve the perfect look for your computer by tweaking your background.


Keep your most cherished images close by marking them as favorites.